At "The Repair Palace", We offer Consignment Services and/or buy jewelry whether it is diamonds, gemstones, watches, gold and silver for a fair market price.  If we don’t know the value, we have trusted expertise of appraisers who honestly and fairly evaluate according to the market standards providing fast service at best prices.

Joanne Atwood, owner of The Repair Palace has known estate jewelry since her childhood as she was grown in a family of Jewelers and with over 50 years of knowledge in antique and period jewelry and silver. If you bring in something that does not look valuable to you, but does have significant value, you came to the right place because with over 50 years of expertise we can evaluate your valuable items and provide you with an honest and true price of your items. You can bring your items in to the store, with or without an appointment.

We have few hundreds of jewelry items ranging from silver to platinum on consignment from various vendors.  Most of our trusted consignors have been doing business with us for over 25 years and we can ensure you that the jewelry is trusted and precisely what it is evaluated for.  For your convenience we have now added all our jewelry online so you can see what you want before you walk in our store to try it on!!  Feel free to call us or contact us if you have any questions.


At  "The Repair Palace" we understand how important it is to know the value of your most precious possessions.  It is not only good for insurance, but in the event of an unfortunate loss,  it is important to know that you are fully protected. We help you understand the value of all of your valuables by providing an accurate and precise  appraisal so you are fully ensured that you are properly compensated in an event if you loss your valuable jewels.

The Repair Palace offers appraisal services to any individual, bank or a trust.  Appraisals are completed promptly, usually within specified time.

Engraving Services

"The Repair Palace" proudly offers a full range of personalized and engraved gifts for special occasions whether it is a Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary or just a very special message for someone very special on their selected jewelry item.

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Estate Jewelry Repair

Buy Sell Jewelry and Watches

Bring in your Diamond, Jewelry and a timepiece to our jewelry store in Leominster, MA to be purchased by us or update the old into new by reworking it to a custom design that is only limited your imagination.

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Get Instant Cash For Your Jewelry

Professional Thorough Evaluation Of Each Piece